On May 25, 1982, Carl Adrian (Adie) White, II  was given the gift of life, and on March 18, 2020  he passed away from an accident and traveled to his heavenly home. 

Adie was a beloved soul who grew up surrounded by close family, friends and pets.   Adie was a brilliant and imaginative child – converting the basement of his Euclid Avenue home into an authentic Bat cave – complete with a working bat elevator – of course.  Adie idolized his childhood heroes – BatMan, Inspector Gadget, Ghostbusters, etc. and adopted their full manner of dress.  He truly did not care what looks his teenage aunts might get while shopping with him at the Mall, while wearing these custom-crafted costumes.  Adie was an avid reader, an excellent writer and a deep thinker.  He had a deep understanding of the world and the challenges we face.  Adie had an uncanny ability to determine sincere and insincere people, apparently a trait inherited from his mother and not from his father.

Adie is survived by the love of his life, Tasha Barnes, and their handsome son, Carson Adrian White, also often called Bear or Carson Bear, who all resided at their Lawrence Avenue, Bristol, VA home; his father, Carl Adrian White, of Bristol, Virginia; his brother, William Preston White, of Johnson City, TN; his aunts, Brenda White Mannis of Kingsport, TN,  Lydia (Arnie) Reed of White House, TN, June (David) McPherson of Bonita Springs, Fl, Yvonne (Will) Harper of Spartanburg, S. C., and Candice (Todd) Wilson of Nashville, TN;  his uncle, Garland White of Piney Flats, TN; his cousins Leigh (Scott) Wilson of Bristol, Virginia,  Shaver (Janelle) Deyerle, of San Diego, CA, Holli (Austin) Balzer and their son, Wade, of Charlotte, NC, Kati Deyerle, Sherman Oaks, CA, Whit and Wesley Harper, of Spartanburg, SC, Morgan and Ava Wilson of Knoxville, TN, and Vanders Wilson of Nashville, TN.

Awaiting him in Heaven with open arms was his beautiful, loving mother, Dawn Woody White, his little sister, Cameron Alexis (Lexie) White, and his grandparents, William Malcolm & Irene White and Charles Preston & Beulah Bolling Woody.

He was also met by purrs from Louis Vuitton, his tabby cat, and the familiar wagging tails of his beloved childhood dogs, Gucci, the fearless 3-legged Terrier, Sydney, his black Labrador Retriever, and McKenzie, his mom’s beloved West Highlands Terrier.

Adie attended Washington & Lee Elementary, VA Middle School, and graduated from Bristol VA High with honors in 2000.  He played soccer in elementary school and invented a backward kick he oddly named “Wallpaper”.  He also enjoyed playing soccer in high school.  He attended Hampden-Sydney College, Southwest VA Highlands College and Virginia Intermont College.  He began working in his father’s law practice as a legal assistant and helped oversee his family’s investments and real estate properties.  You could often find him showing rental property at  9 pm on any given night.  Law clients often commented that Adie always made them feel comfortable and welcome and was a very calming factor in dealing with their stressful legal issues.

Adie experienced the strongest love from family and friends and the most sadness and sorrow than most people in his short life.  These life experiences formed his empathy for, kindness to and compassion for others.  Adie was always appreciative of anything you did for him and he was always there if you needed help, no matter the day or time.  If you loved him, he loved you more, which was a trait bestowed upon him by his mother.

He was elated upon the birth of his brother Preston in 1998 after losing his dear sister Lexie in 1996.  He coveted the title of big brother to Preston and rejoiced with every milestone his little brother reached.  He taught Preston many important life lessons and also how to succeed in playing video games.  Some of their matches were “Super Bowl” monumental.

Adie was shown true love, the freedom to be the perfect reflection of his real self, with Tasha, who adored and loved him completely.  He was especially delighted the day he became a father and started his own family in 2013.  He was shown the infinite pleasure in the simple touch of his newborn son’s hand.  Over the years, Carson, a  “Mini Me”  image of Adie, had the pleasure of being taught these same life lessons from his dad.  He delighted in having Carson and the love of his life and partner, Tasha, by his side and he was especially at peace when they spent time at the beach in Hilton Head, SC.  Adie was the best daddy in the world and placed Carson’s interests above his own.  Adie loved teaching Carson to play X-Box games, playing Tickle Monster, and taking Carson to the Apple Playground.   Adie built Carson his own elaborate playground set, and they enjoyed many hours and days playing in the back yard. 

Adie greatly enjoyed spending time with his family and leaving love notes to Tasha, hidden so she would randomly find them. He never failed to tell his family he loved them, and he never left his house without kissing Tasha and Carson  and telling them he loved them. Adie and Tasha addressed each other as “Lovie”, hardly ever by their real name.  

Adie enjoyed University of Tennessee sports, conservative politics, and pulling practical jokes on his chosen “big brother”, Jimmy Warren, whose office was next door on Euclid Avenue.  Placing mops and brooms with buckets against each others exterior doors at the offices were common. Adie once locked Jimmy out with his ladder locked to the back door knob.  You might even find yellow caution tape around the front doors of each office. Big Adrian would observe their antics and just shake his head in  amazement.  Adie and Carson and the entire family especially enjoyed their recent vacation during Christmas and New Year’s in which they engaged in epic water battles drenching each other and the epic Nerf Battles.

Adie was taught to find the wonder and marvel of an ordinary day.  His beautiful mother showed him beauty in sunsets and sunrises. He was taught that law is reason, free from passion, by his father.  He was shown the joy of tasting tomatoes picked fresh from the vine in his grandfather’s garden; and to pause and enjoy the exhilarating scent of roses grown by his grandmother. He learned early how to love and later how to cry and grieve when pets and family he loved died prematurely.

All who were blessed to know Adie on his journey through this life are better people after their time with him.  We will all treasure his dashing smile, his gorgeous blue eyes, his quick wit, memories of him behind the wheel of his green Jaguar, his love of  Dr. Enuf  and his sweet hugs…those hugs that reached the core of your heart.  If you were around him often, you might also remember his over-worn Birkenstocks.  That was a special experience!

The finish line is for the ego. The journey is for the soul. Adie mastered life’s ordinary lessons and had an extraordinary journey.  His life experiences formed in him a compassionate and empathetic attitude for others.  Adie’s  lesson to the world was  Follow your heart and you be you.   And it is there, in that very spot, each of us will always hold him.  

Out of an abundance of caution, due to the COVID-19 virus,  the family will defer memorial  services until a later date.   

In lieu of flowers, we invite you to donate to  Lexie’s Play Room at the Ronald McDonald House in Johnson City, TN  or plant a flowering tree or rose bush in your garden or adopt a shelter pet in memory of  Carl Adrian (Adie) White, II. 

We also encourage you to remember the super hero lessons Adie took to heart…anyone can be a hero, you are strong, be proud of who you are, believe in the power of your dreams, find strength in knowing you can conquer any weakness you may face, real courage demonstrates compassion, accept responsibility, remain true to yourself, your actions can inspire others, and remember you are never alone. We hope you enjoyed a part of Adie’s sweet, adventurous and humorous personality over his 37 years.  

Adie will be laid to rest next to his mother and baby sister in their family plots at Mountain View Cemetery in Bristol, VA.