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Weaver Family Care Center

Weaver Family Care Center

Weaver Funeral Home is proud to add a unique service to the long list of its services, in the way of the Weaver Family Care Center. Located just across Seventh Street, adjacent to Weaver Funeral Home.

The Weaver Family Care Center offers families an alternative to opening their home to post-funeral meals. As has been the custom when a death occurs in a family, church members, family, and friends all bring food to the family of the deceased. This facility may be used to provide the family with a place for a meal that often follows the funeral service. Equipped with a kitchenette, all preparations may be done in the Care Center.

Our aim in opening the Weaver Family Care Center is to help ease the stress placed upon families by opening their homes to a sometimes large amount of people and to offer churches, the community, friends and families a peaceful and spacious environment where they can fellowship with their friends.

The Weaver Care Center is also available to the general public. It can be used for such things as Bridal Showers, Baby Showers, Teas, Civic Group Meetings, or any other small group meetings.

For scheduling information or any other information regarding the Weaver Family Care Center please contact us via phone or by e-mail.

Funeral Services Offered

  • Traditional Funeral Services
  • Visitation / Funeral Services On the Same Day
  • Direct Burials
  • Memorial Services
  • Cremation Services
  • Graveside Services
  • Out of Town Services
  • Military Services
  • Fraternal Organization Services


Weaver Funeral Home will be glad to discuss the many cremation options with you. When considering cremation please remember, that there are many options for Memorialization. Our caring staff will be glad to assist you in arranging a service that meets your individual preferences.

Pre-Need Arrangements

Pre-Need funeral arrangements assure that your individual wishes and preferences are carried out, it also helps lighten the difficult burden from your family members. Contact us anytime to discuss questions you may have about Funeral Pre-Need Arrangements.

Services & Products

  • We are available to serve you 24 hours/7 days a week
  • Personal Courteous Service in a comfortable homelike atmosphere
  • Complete full service funeral home providing: Caskets, Burial Vaults, Cremation Urns, Etc.
  • Up to date fleet of funeral autos, with Limousine service available for funerals.
  • Assistance with Social Security Benefits, Veterans Benefits and Life Insurance Claims.
  • Out of Town and World Wide transfer service
  • Serving all religious faiths
  • Our Funeral Directors are Experienced Professionals
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